Allow for local autonomy concerning the start of the school year. The legislature has discussed allowing more local autonomy. HON K-12 would like the ability to start school a few days before Labor Day. We hope each district will be allowed to make that determination. We understand Tourism generates tremendous revenue which is very important to HON communities. Allowing school districts this change would not impact tourism in Northern Wisconsin. What is good for Wisconsin Dells is not necessary good for Northern Wisconsin.  At a minimum we would like to see outreach done to determine if the Labor Day cutoff is still truly an issue and to whom.

Request #2

ASSEMBLY BILL 110—115.28 (56) AND 118.015 (4) d of the statutes

Relates to the development of a guidebook for parents, teachers, and providers related to dyslexia and related conditions.  Only 7 states have NO dyslexia laws and Wisconsin is one of them.

We ask that DPI be required to development a guidebook.


School Funding Formula

The Blue Ribbon Committee that studied the Formula did not publish the recommendations or findings.

Key questions we have are:

1.      What has changed in Northern Wisconsin regarding the Formula?

2.      Will there be further study?