Allow for local autonomy concerning the start of school. The legislature has discussed allowing more local autonomy. HON K-12 would like the ability to start school a few days before Labor Day. We hope each district will be allowed to make that determination. We understand Tourism generates tremendous revenue which is very important to HON communities. Allowing school districts this change would not impact tourism in Northern Wisconsin. What is good for Wisconsin Dells is not necessary good for Northern Wisconsin.


Request #2

We ask that changes be made to categorical aids to increase funding to school districts. We have school districts that receive as little as $1461.00 per student due to the current dysfunctional school aid formula. Increasing funds using categorical aids will ensure the most dollars reaching our schools of which a number are struggling to continue operating.

 We enthusiastically support the creation of an assembly committee to work on a plan for comprehensive school finance reform as has been reported in by the media.


Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College/UW- Barron County


Support the continuation and expansion of WITC's dual enrollment efforts with K-12 partners to implement or expand best practices to ensure high school teachers teaching dual enrollment courses meet new accreditation requirements. We want to emphasize the importance of these relationships through existing grant programs and funding mechanisms, such as Act 59 (which provides funding for K12's when students earn a recognized credential). In the HON area WITC has roughly about 3,300-3,400 graduates on an annual basis, and serves more than 1,000 K-12 students annually. The number of K-12 served could be substantially increased providing dual enrollment is expanded.



We seek to dramatically increase internships and funding for the staff necessary to support (coordinate) formal internship programs. Internships connect students to employers in the area. Some may choose to stay and go directly to work while others leave for further schooling. Internships provide a mechanism that greatly increases the possibility of their return to start or raise a family by providing a strong tie to career opportunities within HON communities.