Welcome to the Heart of the North Legislative Days!

Heart of the North Days is a grassroots community-based effort to bring issues of importance

to the State Legislators for the northern counties of Barron, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn.

Personal Letter from the Chair:

I am very honored to be chairing the 11th Annual Heart of the North Legislative Days. Our mission is to foster legislative and administrative advocacy through civic engagement as the grassroots, community-based leader that brings voice to the unique challenges and issues for the northern Wisconsin counties of Barron, Rusk, Sawyer, and Washburn. What started as a Rice Lake Chamber of Commerce outreach program, has grown into a complete, four-county, annual event.

Reflecting on the past eleven years of HON Days successes makes one realize how driven, resourceful, and resilient Northwest Wisconsin’s community and neighbors really are. HON Days has had many successes from its efforts, including saving the Spooner Fish Hatchery, bringing more safety protocols to Wisconsin’s road construction sites, broadband funding, secondary and higher-educational funding, and program improvements, preparing future leaders through a strong high-school student involvement, and better equipping everyday residents on how to approach and discuss issues of importance with the law makers and agencies of the State of Wisconsin. The past eleven-years survived two COVID sessions through virtual means, many in-person events, and a growing passion for our issues. Through it all, HON has been very influential in growing the HON Days brand at the Capitol, and that past success is only fueling the future drive of our delegation.

HON Days has always had a committed focus on the topics that are near and dear to the four-counties’ hearts: Tourism, Natural Resources, Education, Economic Development, Transportation, and Public Health. We look forward to taking the largest number of issues and delegates to Madison on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

We ask that you consider joining our cause! We need more passionate advocates to educate law makers and agency officials in a non-partisan way to continue growing the health and future of Northwest Wisconsin. If you are interested in learning more about HON Days and how to participate in the planning sessions and the event itself, continue reading the website and contact the Rice Lake Chamber at chamber@rice-lake.com.


Ken Pearson, Chair

HON Days